Most DIY Tiny House projects are done by people who want to build a dwelling that will not put them in debt for the next 30 years. Most folks that choose to take on this life style have never built a thing before, but they have a willing spirit.

All tiny house designs do not necessarily need to skirt the building code. I always like to point out the the building code is for your protection. If you can design 'tiny' and still meet code, so much the better.

I would like to  suggest our "Shell Package". Simply put, I will deliver a group of pre-fabricated panels to your jobsite. This panelized system meets all building codes.  If you

​like I will provide personal assistance in a hands on, step by step process to help you as the DIY "Owner Builder", assemble your Tiny House shell package yourself.


Computer Assisted Design for everyone is here!

Meets all local building codes in the U.S.*